Viticultural zone of Evia

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The viticultural zone of Evia comprises the homonymous island in Central Greece eastern board. The main and well-known winegrowing areas of the zone are the Lilantio Pedio and Ritsona Avlidos. The vineyards that yielding the PGI Lilantio Pedio wines are south of Chalkida, in the west and central part of Evia, while the PGI Ritsona zone, is part of Central Greece's eastern seaboard, in the municipal area of Avlida Evia. The indigenous white grape varieties Malagousia and Savvatiano are widely cultivated among a numerous international varieties. Also, the presence of the native grape varietals Athiri, Assyrtiko, Muscat White and Mandilaria is noteworthy, due to the influence of Aegean islands.